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Number 57, January-February 2008

"Sunlight" - Renoir

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"This is where the teacher turns serious and asks the Big Question: What is education, anyway? What are we doing in this school? You say you’re trying to graduate so that you can go to college and prepare for a career. But, fellow students, it’s more than that. I’ve tried to ask myself what the hell I’m doing in the classroom. I’ve worked out an equation for myself. On the left side of the blackboard I print a capital F; on the right side another capital F. I draw an arrow from left to right, from FEAR to FREEDOM. I don’t think anyone achieves complete freedom, but what I am trying to do with you is drive fear into a corner."
From: Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

As a bi-monthly it isn’t often that “Breaking News” appears, but this time we have a real scoop involving the U.S. – Iranian conflict. A new “true tale” (some may dispute the adjective, but what the hell…) is found on the “Editor’s Page”.

In the “Features” section an interview with Norman Mailer about, of all things, God and reincarnation, makes for most interesting reading. There’s also an article, more objective than most, about biodynamic farming.

The “Fiction” section has five entries: A Faust-like story involving Judas – a nice guy after all, and a Three-Kings-like bilingual story, both by yours truly, and, Gaither Stewart’s imagination having been aroused by his recent trip to Buenos Aires, he describes a strange interlude there. Also one of my favorite Thomas Wolfe shorts about the true Brooklyn, and a continuation of the "1984" serialization.

“Science & Philosophy” contains one of Steve Talbott’s in-depth treatments of, this time, the new science of Evo-Devo and its possible effects on our understanding of biological forms.

Under “Anthroposophy” we have a lecture by Rudolf Steiner as well a new translation of his “Anthroposophical Guidelines”, previously (or still) called “Anthroposophical Leading (sic) Thoughts”.

Poetry is alive at SCR: translation of a poem by the Italian artist Romano Giudicissi, a Bob Dylan favorite and several by the new poet, Danny Smitherman.

Many of you will find a review by Valentin Tomberg – a comparison really – of works by H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner to be of interest. Enjoy!

You can find us under the Southern Cross constellation in the Traslasierra Valley Province of Córdoba, Argentina. Visitors always welcome. Just follow the sign that reads: La Cruz del Sur. See you next time.

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Table of Contents

Editor's Page

True tales:
When Time Stood Still


Breaking News

Maritime Incident off Iranian Coast
Maritine Emergency Channel

Current Events

How Dry We Are
Tom Engelhardt


On God
Norman Mailer

The Yield of Magical Thinking:
Better Agriculture through Cosmic Rituals

Novella Carpenter


The Judas ReConnection
Frank Thomas Smith

The Imposter Magi
Los reyes impostores
Frank Thomas Smith

Hôtel particulier
Gaither Stewart

Only the Dead Know Brooklyn
Thomas Wolfe

1984 - Part 3 Chap. 2
George Orwell

Science & Philosophy

Can the New Science of Evo-Devo
Explain the Form of Organisms

Steve Talbott


The Historical Evolution of Humanity
Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophical Guidelines
Rudolf Steiner


The Last Letter
Romano Giudicissi

Judas Priest
Bob Dylan

Between Then and Now & other poems
Danny Smitherman

Book Reviews

Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky &
Outline of Esoteric Scence
by Rudolf Steiner

Valentin Tomberg